Ultimate Support HyperStation

QuickRelease center post gives you three modes of operation
What sets HyperStation QR apart from all other laptop stands? Its patented QuickRelease center post, which gives you three modes of operation. You can use your laptop with the HyperStation QR on its base, with its support arms and center post on a 5/8″ threaded mic stand, or on a desktop with the included T-stand adapter. Quickly and easily, you can release the support arms and center post of the HyperStation QR and mount it to a mic stand or an Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 Pro keyboard stand. Within seconds, you can move your laptop to a mic stand and back into the HyperStation QR base – without having to ummount it from the support arms. Additionally, you get an included small T-stand adapter that fits in the bottom of the center post, so you can set it on a desktop without the HyperStation QR base. That’s what we call flexible!

Great portability
Ultimate Support’s HyperStation QR goes wherever your music takes you. It’s built road-tough to safely support your laptop and small electronic accessories, folds flat in one piece, and slips into your backpack. The HyperStation QR is so cool – why didn’t someone think of this before?

Professional build quality
The Ultimate Support HyperStation QR is designed for rigorous professional use. Don’t be fooled by its stylishness – this is one tough piece of pro gear. Made from die-cast aluminum, the HyperStation QR is unbelievably sturdy and surprisingly lightweight. Its automotive-grade finish is scratch-resistant and looks great onstage!

A second tier – and more!
If you’re like most modern musicians and DJs, you’re packing additional gear such as hard drives, MP3 players, USB hubs, audio interfaces, and the like. The HyperStation QR has your back with its height-adjustable second tier that’s fitted with venting ports (thoughtful feature, no?). In addition, HyperStation QR ships with a handy carrying pouch and cable management clips to keep cables tidy and out of your way.

Ultimate Support HyperStation QR