Pump (MPC)

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Pump (MPC)

$ 10.99

Pump (MPC)

Pump is an acoustic bass plug-in with real bass sounds from my personal fender 1982 Jazz Bass and Squier Classic Vibe bass, these guitars have been sampled from the bridge to the neck, and every characteristic, like each string from E to G, with bass slides and notes, and custom bass played FX of my bass. The guitars were sampled with unique FX like lofi, reverb, amps, and retro fx. They also come with loops and FX that’s set from C2 to C4 with “C3” being the root note.

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Instrument Categories

Full Bass, Bass Loops, Bass Notes, Bass Slides, Bass FX

Instrument Count

80 Presets

Instant Download

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Easy load from the program tab. MPC 2.0 And MPC Standalone. Comes with a Drag n Drop .xpn file and Files Folder for copying to (SD Card) as Standalone. All loops are set to MPC Time Stretching & Warp for easy tempo matching.

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