Corruption (Kontakt)

Sounds And Loops For Today's Music Producer

Corruption (Kontakt)

$ 150.99

Corruption (Kontakt)

Corruption has a huge array of today’s hip-hop sounds. A fully packed go to plug-in with every instrument you can imagine using in your production, from synth leads, synth bass, sub bass, chords, pads, plucks, pianos, organs, strings, hits, brass, and a few of our signature “one key” organic sounds. The plug-in patches are layered to create a huge big sound, you will find yourself! at the most using three patches to make a song. Great for hip-hop but not limited to using it for R&B, urban dance, and even pop music.

Download Demo

Please download the demo to make sure our plugins work with you DAW

Instrument Categories

Bass Synth, Bass Subs, Synth Polys, Synth Leads, Synth FX’s, Hits, Brass, Pads, Strings, Plucks, Choirs, Pianos, Organs, Bells, Guitar Chords. Synth Chords, Piano Chords, Vox Chops, FX’s, One Key Organic Samples

Instrument Count

260 Preset


Reverb Control, Chorus Control, Phaser Control, Delay Control, Hi Filter Control, Lo Filter Control, ARP Control, Glide Control, Pitch Control, Pan Control, Volume Control, ADSR Setting.

Instant Download

When ordering the download product from us you will be given one link for each of your download purchases. The links will be active for 24 hours. During this time, you should download the file and expand it. Please keep the archive file as a backup.

Compatible With Your DAW

Requires: Kontakt 5.6 or (Higher) Full Version



MacOS 10.12: Sierra, MacOS 10.13: High Sierra, MacOS 10.14: Mojave, MacOS 10.15: Catalina, MacOS 11: Big Sur And Up


Windows 8, Windows 10, And Up

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