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Different Sound Packs With One Simple To Use Interface. No, Recycle Sounds! Each Expansion Library Has It's Own Unique Sounds. Trap Bass, Synths, Pads, Pianos, Brass, Sound Effects, Plucks, Bells, Leads, Bass Synth Guitars, Organic Samples And Much more.


Compatible With Your DAW On Both Major Operating Systems. (Mac And PC)

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Mean Mug ( AU / VST / Kontakt )

Adjust your volume!! This plug-in will have your speakers on fire, you been warned! All jokes aside this is a great bass module plug-in that will definitely put the low end on your beats. Mean mug consists of different types of bass sounds that’s used by the greats from coast to coasts, such as East Coast artists and producers, West Coast artists and producers, Dirty South artists and producers, and Mid West artists and producers. So whatever style of bass you like in your production like, 808 subs, sub bass, synth bass, muffled bass, Moog bass, real bass, acoustic bass, this plug-in Will give you what you need across the board.

Instrument categories

South Side 808 Bass
South Side Sub Bass
South Side Sub Bass FX

West Coast Bass
East Coast Bass
Mid West Bass

Real Bass

Instrument Count: 200 Preset

Requires: 1.2 GB Free Hard Drive Space

Require For Kontakt: 5.5 or (Higher) Full Ver.

Built-in Reverb Effect.

Built-in Reverb Effect

Poly / Mono / Legato / Glide

Poly / Mono / Legato voice mode with glide time

LFO, ADSR Envelope Controls.

LFO, ADSR Envelope Controls

Switch Instruments Buttons

Switch Instruments With Next/Previous Buttons

Arpeggiator Control

Loop Dilla Kontakt Workstation

Volume, Pitch, Pan Control

6 Built-In Effects Control

Video Demo

  • Mean Mug Demo Video

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VST Mac Plugin

VST PC Plugin

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