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Hip Hop SoundsVST/AU Plugins

Hip Hop Sounds VST/AU Plugins

Kontakt SoundsVST/AU Plugins

Kontakt Sounds VST/AU Plugins

Drum SoundsVST/AU Plugins

Drum Sounds VST/AU Plugins

ONE Eazy Workstation

Virtual Instrument With One Simple To Use Interface. No, Recycle Sounds! Each Sound Library and Drum Machine Workstation Has It’s Own Unique Sounds. Trap Bass, Synths, Pads, Pianos, Brass, Sound Effects, Plucks, Bells, Leads, Bass Synth, Guitars, Organic Samples And Much more. You will find an awesome collection of Great VST plugins and AU plugins.

Main Controls
Built-in Reverb Effect.
LFO, ADSR Envelope Controls.
Easy Switch
Next/Previous Buttons

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Native InstrumentsKontakt Libraries

Kontakt 6 Library
Top Kontakt Library
New Kontakt Librarys

ONE Eazy Workstation

Loop Dilla VST plug-ins are made for the top plug-in engine “Native Instruments” Kontakt 5. With the Kontakt Libraries,
you’ll get even more features to control each sound to your liking. With things like the Arpeggiator and more effects.


Compatible With Your DAW On Both Major Operating Systems. (Mac And PC) And Kontakt 6 or (Higher) Full Version