Jay Electronica to play London

An electric performer & gifted lyricist hailed by the likes of JayZ, Diddy & Nas – Jay Electronica returns to the UK for a spectacular show at the Coronet theatre in London on 23rd July 2016. “The Evolution of the Revolution” will see the Roc Nation star join some of the UK’s brightest up and coming content in support of UniHood, a youth led community organisation works to end the postcode wars which have claimed the lives of many teenagers in recent years.

Launched with the aim of empowering and uniting young people across boroughs, UniHood is gaining increasing support for its on-going community work – including youth workshops, rallies and events designed to educate and showcase the best of youth culture.

With the notoriously elusive Jay Electronica now on board & potentially showcasing new music, UniHood spokesperson Colin Muhammad says the upcoming concert will catapult the organisation to even greater heights,”For someone of his stature to be interested and supportive of the work we’re doing is huge,” he says. “All of the artists on the bill are here not for money but because they believe in the cause.”

It’s not just music artists who are getting behind the organisation either. Members of London’s business community have thrown their support behind UniHood’s upcoming program, “The Entrepreneurs Club” which will bring together a range of successful entrepreneurs in different fields to help 14-21 year old disadvantaged youngsters turn their talents into viable business entities.

“This concert is a great launching pad – it’ll be more than a spectacular nights, it’ll kickstart a major push to improve the fortunes of our young people in London.”

Source: US rap star Jay Electronica to play London for disadvantaged youth