Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced

With the major GUI overhaul of Ozone 6 Izotope took a step back at their innovation. By adding vintage type of emulations that is. So you can add some coloring to the sound to your taste and have more options to get a result you are looking for. You even can check the sound of lossy encoding so you check the results as they would be applied to online stores like iTunes. Another cool feature is the ability to bypass the effects and automatically retain same gain so you will not get distracted by loudness differences.Standalone applicationThe standalone application is a basic application to load audio files and apply your mastering magic on that. You then can save the result as a PCM, mp3 or AAC file. You even can check the sound of the mp3 or AAC encoding real-time and change parameters.Being very basic that is pretty much all you can do which is perfect for a quick run to give your track a first pass. As to another pass I would recommend using a DAW and use Ozone 7 in that environment with all its extras including the ability to bypass the 6 unit limit of the standalone application.

Source: Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced – Gearjunkies review | Gearjunkies.com