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Different Sound Packs With One Simple To Use Interface. No, Recycle Sounds! Each Expansion Library Has It's Own Unique Sounds. Trap Bass, Synths, Pads, Pianos, Brass, Sound Effects, Plucks, Bells, Leads, Bass Synth Guitars, Organic Samples And Much more.


Compatible With Your DAW On Both Major Operating Systems. (Mac And PC)

Sound Instrument Plugins
Boom Bap Plugin

Boom Bap ( AU / VST )

For all the great hip-hop heads, we are proud to bring you this wonderful Boom Bap VST/AU Plugin. A classic hip-hop virtual drum machine that will take you back to the good old days! when the drums were the focal point in the music. Like myself, this sound will always be a part of hip-hop culture and for some of us, It still is. This plugin will definitely give you that dirty, vinyl, gritty, head bopping drum sounds you need. This plugin consists of hard-hitting kicks, snares, hi-hats and more. And on top of that, it’s built with our virtual drum plug-in that offers three “special” vinyl effect knobs, for blending even more of that classic hip-hop sound to your drums. The knobs have three different effects, scratching, humming and crackling effects.

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Instrument Count: 1,680 Sounds

Requires: 1 GB Free Hard Drive Space


Reverb Effect And Pitch

Built-in Mixer,16 Outputs

Classic MPC Drum Pads

Three Different Added Effects

Video Demo

    Boom Bap Demo Video

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